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ake your senses to the summertime with ZYN Lemon Spritz Slim. The incredible fusion of lip-smacking lemon and tantalisingly tart grapefruit, with notes of sweet peach and floral rosewater makes this pouch far more than its name suggests. ZYN is renowned for its flavour and quality-first focus, and this pouch is no exception. The nicotine is regular strength, at 8mg/g or 6.5mg/pouch, which lets the beautiful flavour take centre stage.

These pouches are slim, which is of great benefit to you if you like to get a buzz in any setting. Whether you are in a meeting, on a date, or with family, these pouches will fit neatly and discreetly in your lip for only you to know about. What’s more is that since this is a tobacco-free product, it is all-white. All-white pouches will not stain your teeth or cause any unwanted drip from excessive salivation, taking discreet use to a new level.

Swedish Match is the company that manufactures the ZYN brand. It was obvious that their vision was to create bold and exciting flavours that do not just involve mint, as the majority of the ZYN family is fantastically fruit flavoured!

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